Sego & Lily
We are at that time with each litter when so many people ask, "Isn't it hard to say good-bye to these precious puppies?" I had time to really think about this as I drove to meet a few of our parents with three of them. Kane, Gus, and Doli traveled with me Friday afternoon to meet their parents. Sego & Lily had gone home in the morning with their family.

I couldn't help but reflect on how all these parents and puppies are connected by some kind of Divine timing. All of them are going to the right people at just the right time. Each of them have a different, yet compelling story that makes this puppy (or puppies in Sego & Lily's case) significant to them and their families.

Kane will begin his therapy dog training Monday with his mom Alison. She has waited for more than a year for this new chapter in both their lives to begin.

Gus and Doli each chose their dad on the same weekend. Again the timing was truly serendipitous. I have always believed that puppies choose their families, but to witness this impeccable timing over and over again finally got to me. As I drove, and puppies nestled in together in their crate behind me, I felt the water welling up in my eyes. I cleared my throat and blinked the tears back, the cargo was far too precious to risk any type of mishap on the highway. We are true believers, this lifestyle we have with all these wonderful Labradors and their beautiful offspring gives back to so many what sometimes is lost in every day life. They teach us to remember that love is unconditional and the little things in life are so important and precious.

God speed to all our parents and puppies.
Thank you, for choosing CaveInn Labradors!