Puppy Preparation

All is green and growing at CaveInn. That includes SunDown's belly. With only days before whelping her temperament is calm, appetite still very good, and she is very loving.
SunDown nears due date
She is a little restless at night and we take her outside a couple times at night just to walk around, get a drink of water and stretch.

The rest of the pack is experiencing some progress too! As we expected, Pidge and Mossy are now in heat. We were hoping to have them cycle one at a time, but during the nice weather months this is perfectly fine. Pidge will be bred with Myles and Mossy with Robin. It is a real blessing to have the new kennel for the boys when girls are in season.
Mossy at attention

It will surely be a busy summer with many little paws to care for. Moon and Robin will be the final litter for us in 2014. We look forward to this pairing late summer.

Pidge has had a nice long break and is looking fantastic, smiling as she always does. Myles is a bit anxious (of course) but breeding time will be very soon!
Smiley Pidge!

We are still accepting deposits on summer litters. If you'd like additional information on how to reserve a CaveInn Labrador please visit our website and complete the Puppy Placement Form. This will help us find just the right Lab for your family. Look for lots of exciting news this summer!

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