Happy Mother's Day

English: Mother's Day card
English: Mother's Day card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We celebrate this Mother's Day reflecting on Joel's mom who hand-made so many puppy blankets for our little ones and their families. Although she has left us, her blankets remain a special tradition. One day very soon the last of her blankets go home with a new family. We will cherish this day, knowing the love and care that went in to each blanket is the same love and care that we place in all our puppies.

Holding a puppy always worth a big smile
Both our expecting Mommas are doing very well. Rayne will bless us first with her puppies just after Labor Day. SunDown is really filling out more than we would have expected at this point so we will keep a close eye on her.

The new kennel for the boys is at the point that they are comfortably enjoying the new living quarters. Work will continue there in between puppy duties throughout the Summer.

The whelping area is getting a nice upgrade with new flooring. This is something we have been trying to complete for a while. Cleaning will be easier with the new floor!

We have never needed more than one whelping box, but we will be prepared in the event both girls deliver close enough we need another one.

Hug your mom today, and say a special prayer for all our moms in heaven.

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