Shed Hunting for The Boys

The snow has finally gone allowing for the boys to get to work! Shed hunting has become as fun as bow hunting for us at CaveInn. This has been just the distraction our boys needed to get out and work the woods.
Myles springs into action for sheds

Myles and Robin usually go together with Joel on the big bone hunt. Myles has a lot to learn from Robin (his elder). They both are obedient and work hard, but Robin has the maturity that Myles one day will grow in to.

Labradors are always better behaved when they have plenty of exercise. Both Myles and Robin have also been busy with breeding. Spring is in full swing here. Rayne and Myles are expecting puppies about May 28. We expect silver, chocolate, champagne and yellow. This will be Rayne's final turn in the whelping area. In her retirement we will get her back out in the field once again.

Rayne with her newborn puppies in 2013
Robin and SunDown have also bonded successfully this week and we are looking forward to this repeat breeding of charcoal, black, champagne and yellow puppies around June 6. We chose to breed SunDown this Spring instead of the heart of winter. It is easier to work with puppies and get them accustom to many sounds and sights in warmer part of the year. We are still accepting deposits for our Spring litters! If you are contemplating a hunting partner or simply a well-bred Lab as a companion give us a look!
Robin always the serious shed hunter

The other three girls we hope will come into heat one at a time throughout the latter part of Spring and Summer. Looking forward to welcoming many new puppies and parents to CaveInn Labradors this year.
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