Spring News!

There isn't anyone in the Midwest that would disagree when I say Winter has gone on long enough! Spring came in with a light snowfall on Thursday and ended with a beautiful afternoon in the 40s. We have managed to limp along with our new kennel project and will be moving our boys in this week.

This has been a big project that Joel has tackled each day one section at a time. I remember thinking we'd never have footings (because of rain) and then suddenly we were running tubing for the in floor heat. What a glorious day it was when we were able to have heat!

There will be much to finish during the Summer but at least the boys will be happy with a little more distance from girls that are in heat.

Speaking of heat.....

....Rayne, as we expected, is our first girl to cycle this Spring. She will be bred with Myles for a final litter. This beautiful chocolate girl will retire after this litter. We are excited to welcome a new chocolate girl later this Summer from Soggy Acres Retrievers.

Rayne will remain with us at CaveInn and work on her shed hunting and swimming, enjoying all there is for a Lab to relish in the outdoors.

Between now and the end of Summer all of our girls will take turns in the whelping area. We are hoping they do indeed take turns. We have many parents waiting for the call that their CaveInn Labrador has been born! It is difficult to wait for the right puppy, but we can always guarantee it is worth the wait.

Happy Spring!
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