Boys Boys Boys

There are three of these boys that have yet to find their forever home. We have inquiries every day but they are being very choosy. We are truly getting used to them playing and being together all the time. The search will continue for the lucky person and family that Simba, Scar, and Pumbaa find is the right fit for them.

This is "Simba" a handsome guy that is sure to be as much of a gentleman as his dad Robin is. He has a black nose and is a little darker coat than his brothers.


Say hello to "Pumbaa" a sweet yellow man with a gorgeous double coat. Don't let his serious look here fool you, he has a very tender soul and just wants to love you up. Now, with that said...he keeps up with the others in the race around the kennel during play time with no trouble at all!

Below is "Scar" the boy that favors his mom SunDown the most in his face. He is very light color, almost white also with a black nose like Simba. Scar has never stopped wagging his tail even when we trim his nails. All are very happy puppies, but Scar is especially agreeable
They are now 9 weeks old and are ready to travel to new homes. All puppies are clear by parentage of EIC, CNM, DM and have all age appropriate vaccinations. They love to meet people and are very good with other dogs and children. They have an incredible pedigree that is very hard to find for a purebred Lab. Stay tuned as they continue the interview process for their next adventure!