Oliver's First Pheasant Hunts

Oliver was the last of Rayne's puppies to travel home. We had a wonderful chance to really enjoy his personality and have him spend one-on-one time with his Mom and Dad. It was a great surprise to get these pictures this week of Oliver and his big brother Roc.
This was one of the first times they were out together hunting. It looks like Roc is truly taking Oliver under his tail and showing him the way around.

Tyler (Oliver's dad) is an avid hunter and is beginning training early with Oliver while Roc is still active and hunting with them. Here is an update from Tyler:

Hey, here are some more pics of Oliver from our pheasant hunt today he is doing great he's getting really big he is about 35 lbs now. I take him and Roc hunting a lot. I work for a pheasant farm so we get to do a lot of hunting when we get the chance. I thought you might like to share these on your web site that is fine! 
Hope all is well.


Love to see these two best of buds!