June Update in July!

This update from Kallie and Andy came in at the end of July. June is a Pidge x Myles puppy. She is growing up to be a very pretty girl!

Hi Penny and Joel!  You must be really busy with the new litter!  We've been watching your updates on Facebook and your website and are remembering what it all felt like only 6 months ago.  So exciting!
June is doing so well, we just had to let you know.  The last time we spoke we were looking for your advice with her -intense- biting issue.  Well, only time healed that one.....as soon as all of her adult teeth came in the problem nearly completely disappeared.
She's becoming so mellow and sweet.  Learned a couple new commands too..."high five" and even "high ten"!  Still working hard on "Come"....she has selective hearing with that one, ha!  It only took a couple visits to the lake in northern Wisconsin for her to swim on her own.  She will even jump right off the pier now!
I attached a couple pictures of her.  One laying on the bed watching TV like a human and another getting caught red handed with a cardboard box that must have been really tasty.
We love her and refer to her as the Best Dog Ever. Thank you so much!
Kallie and Andy