Puppies 3 Weeks Old

It was a busy weekend here at the CaveInn. Oakley met her family and all puppies had a chance to socialize a bit with her wonderful family. The time we spend with our puppy families are precious times for all. Rayne was very accepting and loved the attention of her baby's new family. Oakley bonded with her family via photos and video from the day she was born. Sometimes it just happens this way. We always feel that puppies choose their families.

Puppies are all around 4 lbs and this week will move to the larger kennel and begin milk replacer in the next few days. Rayne could use a little help with feeding at times.

We had a great opportunity to meet an energetic young woman today that will be choosing a male next year to work with her in therapy as she begins her career. This was a fun visit, we look forward to the time we have ahead to learn more about her future and helping her choose just the right puppy to join her as she begins her career.

The puppy names were chosen from our Facebook fan comments to "what was your favorite childhood dog" names. It seems only fitting that we choose the main theme from My Dog Skip for this video of Rayne's puppies at 3 weeks old. Our Life with Labs is good!