Colorful Creations

This week has brought us the most colorful puppy litter we could have hoped for. We know what we can expect from all our Labs base on DNA, but to see so many wonderful improvement shades in one litter is a treat! Rayne and Myles are a great breeding pair. Rayne is our oldest female and we believe this may be the last litter. She has been a fabulous mother and depending on our vet's opinion once her pups are weaned, we may retire this beautiful chocolate Lab.

Rayne is very healthy and vibrant, but we want to also let her be a Lab and enjoy her life with us. She is Alpha female and leads with a firm but gentle way with the rest of the pack. I will miss her beautiful offspring. She has never struggled with pregnancy or delivery, which is why now may be a good time to retire. I recently completed a class with the University of Minnesota on canine reproduction. There is so much to learn. My goal was to understand more about how to talk intelligently with Dr Keller at Compassionate Care and to continue to make the best choices for our Labs and our breeding program. Retiring early was one very interesting subject that I particularly paid attention to. Our Labs are part of our family, our lifestyle. Although, the puppies all venture to new families...our Labs are our world.

Rayne delivered 8 perfect puppies. We have 3 males and 5 females. There are 2 males and 2 females that are still available. We are waiting for Animal Genetics results on our yellow puppies to know which ones are champagne and which are silver-factored yellow. The week has surely been one of many blessings!