Traveler's First Hunt

This update came from Chris & Kimberly in Texas. Traveler was one of the Royal crew from our Sage. It is awesome to hear from parents and see how our puppies are maturing and working.

Thought y'all might like a Traveler update with a few photos.

He went on his first hunt last weekend which included upland bird and deer. He was great and so enthusiastic. He has been perfect!

He is like a Rock Star down here for his good looks and great disposition. He couldn't have been more excited to be out in the field.

I read on your site about his Mom (Sage) always bringing a present when someone comes to visit and y'all might be amazed he does the same. If he shows up empty mouthed, he will wheel around and quickly search out something and rush back. It's hilarious to watch.

Here's one more photo for y'all from my friends ranch.

Have a great night!
Chris & Kimberly