Life, Love, Labradors

Our favorite season is Fall. Temperatures are so varied from crisp to warm winds and the Midwestern Fall colors are always spectacular. It reminds us of all we are thankful for. Life is full of bends and turns in the road. Labs are so much like life. They are full of all that is great as long as you have patience, get plenty of exercise, good nutrition and...H2O!

Sounds simple?

We understand how it isn't always simple. Life is hard...but God is good. I always have a reason to believe when the sun rises and one of our Labs is there to look me in the eye and be ready to begin the day. We usually sleep with 3 or 4 of our Labs in the bedroom. Rayne (the alpha female) is the one to look me in the eye ready to begin the day.

Tonight is breezy and balmy yet tomorrow we are likely to have snow! The dogs love the changes in wind and weather. They still long for the time outside to work, fetch and learn.

We are looking forward to many training goals in 2013. Myles has been working hard with Harold, a trainer at Dokken's  for the past couple months and is ready to return to Silver Cave a gentleman and to continue working toward AKC Obedience titles. Myles may prove to be a great therapy dog visiting nursing homes.

I cannot express how important it is for a Lab to have a job! They are born to work. I am exhausted at the end of every day with our Labs. But I am also happy they all have purpose, discipline and are as happy and healthy as they can be.

Be well,