Pidge's Puppies Arrive

Pidge is settling in to her new role as Mom of 8 beautiful puppies. Thursday, August 2 she began whelping at 7:05 am. By noon there were 5 boys and 3 girls ready to begin life as a Silver Cave Lab.

The first few days have been an adjustment period for Pidge. Although she has taken on her new role like a champion, we are staying close by to make sure she has everything she needs.

All puppies were checked by our vet and have had dew claws removed already. There are a couple schools of thought on removing dew claws. We choose to remove them unless we have a puppy parents that prefers to have them left alone.

Pre-stressing has begun and I have to say this is the liveliest litter I can remember. Each one is so active it makes the process a little more challenging. Yesterday was a little better than the first day of pre-stressing when it was tough to hold on to the pups.

We are day 5 and all are gaining weight and nursing very well.

Until later,