Pidge's Progress

This is Pidge's final week of gestation. Her temperature has dropped and we can expect active labor to begin in the next 24-48 hours. I always get anxious at this time and watch every breath our girls take.

We are ready, the whelping area is prepared. I spoke to our vet's office yesterday and they are as excited as we are. Puppy parents, hold on...this may be a long few days!

Pidge is also ready. Her tummy is full (very full) of constant movement. Her milk is in and it seems all planets are aligned for the arrival of her puppies. The first stage of labor can last 12-18 hours. We do plan to keep our Facebook page and Twitter feed up to date along the way. At this time 6 AM she is resting quietly. Our hope is that she has a quiet day of rest and prepare for things to change this evening.

Until then,