Max "Fireball" Grows Up

I hope we never lose touch with our puppy families. So many send updates from time to time and all are welcome messages. Jenny and her family adopted Max "Fireball" in 2010. He has truly bonded with their young family and it is heartwarming to hear the stories of how they grow together. We received this greeting this week from Jenny:

Hope all is well at Silver Cave!! 

Love Love Love the pic of Rayne and her big boys you posted tonight!! Max definitely has his mom's face!! Rayne looks so beautiful!! Took Max in for a check up and he is up to 95 pounds. Had to graduate him from the large crate to the Giant crate!! He loves having his crate, his home where the kids cant go. Max is such a well mannered, playful, and loving dog. We certainly couldn't have asked for a better one.
He is one spoiled dog for sure. We celebrated his year with us in January. How fast the time has gone. He fits perfectly with us! Thanks again for such a great family addition! We were blessed with Max and continue to be each day!! I often tell Dane that we need to get Max a companion, that he would love a playmate. Especially seeing all these cute pics you post of these super handsome little guys! 

Take care - Jenny