Puppies Available!

The four boys are 2 weeks old and all weigh over 4 lbs. They are chunky bears. This morning as I was pre-stressing themtheir eyes were peeking open. What a great week we have ahead of us. The three black pups are available, although this changes daily as requests come in. They all look so much like Robin (the sire). I can't wait to see them run and jump and play.

Mamma Rayne is doing fantastic. She is as shiny and sleek as ever. She misses the rest of the pack as we have her and babies alone in the nursery. This weekend we will have puppy parents visit and look into the eyes of their new baby for the first time.

So much will happen in the next week as pups begin to walk and eyes and ears become alive! This is our first litter with Robin and Rayne. We can't wait to see them develop.

All for now,