Yellow Puppy Anticipation

Long time blog reader....first time blogger!

Penny and I have been breeding AKC Labradors since 2004. We have enjoyed raising labs for 15 years. Never have I been more excited for new puppies than I am for Rayne and Robin's upcoming litter in early February.

We are expecting our very first improved yellow puppies. One will be welcomed into our kennel. Improvements take a long time and our journey has been unforgettable. Our very first King of all Labs "Cave" was a majestic yellow. Our love for labs began with him, as our kennel name pays tribute to him.

Our first litter of 2012 will welcome all colors with improvements we never thought possible. Robin's pedigree has made a significant difference in the way we look at conformation and improvements. Our daily commitment to our dogs, our time, and energy is all worth it to know the puppies we produce are the best they can be.

The people we meet along the way renew our faith in humanity. We ask as many questions of our puppy parents as they do of us. The connection between puppy and parent(s) is amazing to watch. Time spent with each is priceless.

The dream begins again as Penny films and photographs every possible moment for our parents. It will be a sleepless yet special time.

Reporting from the OctaCave