Josie's First Night at Home

Sage's puppies have begun their trip home. One at a time, they meet new loving parents and discover the world outside of Silver Cave Labradors. This email from Nick was heartwarming to read this morning. We are so touched by the love and warmth our puppy parents give to their new kids. It takes a lot of patience to raise a puppy labrador. All the patience you can give is returned 10 fold to you with the unconditional love and affection these gentle creatures give back. This is the night 1 story of our Izzy going home with his Mom and Dad, meeting grand(dog)parents and the resident dog, Hurley, at home for the first time.

Well, night 1 was unique. 

Like the picture I sent you, she fell asleep by the time we got to Nashua!  She pretty much slept the whole way home.  We made 2 stops at my parents house and her parents house.  She got along pretty well with the Lab at my parents house (Casey).  I think Casey was a little timid to play because she was scared to hurt the pup, but she let Josie give her kisses and Josie even snuck in some bites towards Casey's feet! 

When we got home it was a different story.  Hurley doesn't seem to want anything to do with her, which is surprising because he gets along with all dogs.  Not sure if it's just because Josie is so small or if he feels threatened by her presence, but we will just have to see.  This morning he let her come up to her and lick his face, then growled at her when she wanted to play.  I think with time they will be fine.

We didn't get home 'till about 10 last night and we fed Josie right away and she was obviously starving!  She ate all her food, let out a cute burp, then just wanted to play.  We took her outside and she peed, and we came in and put her in her kennel.  To our surprise, she went right to sleep!  We thought we had fallen under a lucky star!  About 2 hours later she woke me up when she started to whine.  After 5 minutes I figured she had to poop so I let her out and because it was storming out, I had to take her to the newspaper inside we set down for inside accidents, and within 10 seconds, she squatted on the paper, pooped, and then wanted to play!  I put her back in her kennel, she whined and howled for about 5 minutes and finally passed out.  Unfortunately she woke up about every hour and a half and decided to howl.  I had to take her and the kennel in the living room and I put a blanket over the kennel and I slept on the couch next to her.  She would whine for 5 minutes and always fell asleep.  She woke me up at 7 am this morning and I took her out and she went potty right away!  I was so proud.  Brought her inside, she ate right away, and we played for about 30 minutes before she pooped on the floor (oh well).  We expect those accidents so its OK.  Right now she is passed out on her doggy bed.  I have been working with her to get her used to sleeping on it. 

There's your night 1 update!  I plan on sending you a lot more over the next few months!  Thank you so much for everything and we couldn't be happier with our choice of you and Joel!  Josie is now our little pooping angel and we look forward to watching her grow up and become a staple in our family!