The Royal Birth

There is so much buzz about the Royal Wedding that fast approaches. Queen Sage will be whelping shortly before this Royal occasion so we have dubbed this litter as the 'Royal Birth'. We always name our puppies for identification and have made our list along the Royal theme.

It is day 54 of gestation with 9 days left until whelping. She could safely deliver at any time now. She is quite large and beginning to  slow down. She is not sleeping through the night and must go outside several times. It's getting a little crowded in her belly. Her coat is very thick and soft and her milk is beginning to come in. We are taking her temperature several times a day and see very little change so far. Once her temp goes below 99 we can expect her to begin labor within 24-48 hours.

Stay tuned for an exciting and week!
Until later,

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