Beauty of Love

Addy has become a beautiful Mamma. We adore all our Labs (and dogs in general). I guess we are people. If people were pack creatures world peace may just be a possibility. Dogs hold each other accountable, they respect personality traits and differences, and most importantly...they Love unconditionally.

As I approached the whelping box tonight Addy just smiled, she waited until "George" finished his snack before she came over to me. I gave her a massage, and then she went outside to stretch her long legs. When she returned she sat next to me like a long lost friend. It will just be a week tomorrow night, but she misses the interaction with everyone. We keep the whelping area isolated and quiet - except for "Through a Dog's Ear" melodies that play throughout the day (and night). This is our first all silver litter. They are true beauties. We plan our litters carefully, with DNA, temperament and conformation all taken into consideration. Addy is a proud and strong healthy Mom. Our puppy parents are very special people that will love these Labs unconditionally and have waited a long time to bring home a beautiful silver baby.

Good night,