Forever Families

When we began this journey to breed quality Labs with the right genetics and great conformation I remember looking forward to the process of finding the right families for the right puppy. I never dreamt it would be so rewarding.

Every family has different dynamics, but they all have the true love of Labs in common. Everyone loves a puppy, but the stories we hear from all our families are heartwarming. They bring to life true love and dedication to the improvement of the breed, and the importance of the right Lab, at the right time, joined with the right family.

Deken (Andy) and his entire family

We are so privileged to meet and work with families like Deken's (Andy). The updates and photos are amazing snippets of life with Labs and the great people that love them. It is photos and updates like these that make our job to give the new puppy families the best possible start priceless for us. We only have a short time with each new group, but we enjoy each day we have with our new puppies and their families.

Bless you all,