Available Puppies 6/5/17

pidge's - 2 charcoal males

Moon's - 1 white female

Current Litters

Moon & cave Puppies

Born May 4, 2017

Moon's Star Wars Crew

Like Billi, Moon delivered her puppies right on her due date. How could we pass up the opportunity to pay homage to Star Wars on the 4th. Moon has 8 beautiful white/yellow puppies. There is just 1 boy among the crew. I think this is a first for us. We have had just 1 girl in a litter, but never just 1 boy.

We have just one white girl available.

pidge & gunther Puppies

Born May 8, 2017

Pidge's Farmer's market basket

Pidge was just a day late of her calculated due date. Delivery was smooth and we welcomed 9 silver and charcoal puppies to the CaveInn. There are 2 charcoal males available at this time.

mossy & cave Puppies

Born May 24, 2017

Mossy's americana team

Mossy was 2 days past her due date and the size of her puppies proved to be the largest we have ever seen. All babies were born at least 1.40 lbs!

All of these big kids are now reserved.