Stoney Bojangles

Mossy is well on her way to recovery form whelping her 9 beautiful puppies. This weekend was pick up time. This is bitter sweet for us as we have spent so many hours with these little furballs and watched them grow from birth to walking, talking, eating, pooping and playing machines. We've handled them from day one, weighing, clipping nails, pre-stressing and of course the snuggles after bathtime.

The last puppy born was a sweet silver boy we named "Clover" and he is now Stoney Bojangles. He left this morning with his dad and although he was one of the smallest in the litter, he's a mighty little guy. I had some fun yesterday in the fallen leaves and long grass (need to mow today) with Stoney. Enjoy a glimpse of one puppy from birth to new home. Farewell all puppies!