Mr Lincoln Lee (Stormy & Cave Puppy)

Good Evening Penny and Joel,

I hope you both are doing well! It has been awhile since I've updated you on Lincoln so I thought I would send a quick email. He went to the vet today and is just over 35 pounds! He grew out of his puppy collar a few weeks ago, so Jesse made him a new one out of leather. We continue to be so impressed with his demeanor and how smart he is. A few weeks ago he discovered how to get the puppy gate open. He's always so proud of himself when he comes barreling into the living room after escaping the kitchen.


I've attached a couple pictures - he was sleeping after his vet visit in the first one - he is such a funny dog. He will almost always grab a shoe or a soft chew toy to lay his head on when he naps. He has a bed, but always wants to nap wherever I am.  He loves to play fetch and when he comes back with the ball or toy, as soon as you say "thank you" he'll release it. I came down with a really nasty flu bug right after Christmas and was in bed for five days - every evening, Lincoln would come find me and lay down with me for about a half hour. It was the sweetest thing. We all love having the little guy with us.

In December he stayed for one night at our Vet clinic while we took the kids to the St. Louis Zoo to see the lights. Everyone fell in love with him! We've had two vet visits since then and the staff always get so excited when he comes in - girls working in the back will come out as soon as they know he is there. Our veterinarian cannot get over how beautiful he is - she's always commenting on everything from his eyes, to his color, to how symmetrical his features are.

Lincoln is literally the perfect dog! He's smart, playful, cuddly, and puts himself to bed when he's tired!


We got some snow here (about half of what you all got) and took him out to play in it. He LOVES being outside. I hope you and Joel are doing good. We have had so many people ask were we got Lincoln from and we are always more than happy to tell them CaveInn Labradors! We get so many compliments on what a beautiful and good dog he is!

Thank you,