Labor Day Weekend Updates

The holiday weekends are fantastic times to have fun with Labs. Here are a couple of fun pictures and updates from parents enjoying the last days of Summer.

Hi Penny and Joel!

As summer comes to end I wanted to share a video and picture of Winnie she has mastered jumping off the dock and would be ready to compete except she cannot control her excitement around other dogs and would not be able to focus on the task at hand 😉. Her new games in the lake are fishing and bobbing for Lilly pads. We love this girl and her big personality.

Hope all is well at Cave Inn.

The Olsen's


Hi Penny!

Duke has adjusted great! He's sleeping almost through the night, doing well with potty training and crate training, and knows a few commands (sit, stay, come, "go potty", "do your business"). :) His new favorite food is his puppy kong stuffed with frozen bananas and blueberries! He is signed up to start puppy kindergarten late September and we can't wait for that.