Mossy's Boy Abe aka Apollo



Mossy's puppies this past Spring were some of the biggest and fluffiest puppies we have had. Many may remember Mr Abe, one of the big charcoal boys. He is really growing up for sure!

Good afternoon!

I just wanted to send you some pictures and updates on how Apollo is doing! He's growing, and growing fast.  Our silver, Jax, and him are best buds, and have been since his first weeks home. We took him out to check trees and run the other day with Jax and he loved it! The grass was a little tall for him to maneuver, but that didn't stop him. He's a very confident and bold puppy, we love it.


We started training classes for the AKC STAR Puppy. Turns out Apollo is such a good boy, he got moved right from his Puppy 1 classes into Puppy 2!  He's in class with puppies that are 6 months and a little older. There's another lab in his class, and he's about the same size as her at only 4 months old!


We love him with all our hearts, and are so happy we came across CaveInn when we did, he has truly been a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't be happier.

Have a great week!!