A Billi Boy

Billi and Cave's little gangsters were so colorful and fun. We were able to keep a couple a little longer because of the distance they were going to travel home. This update was nice to hear this week from Mr Fingers now Makoa and his family. He is growing up to be quite handsome and enjoying his mountain home!

Hi there!
Makoa aka Mr. Fingers is down for a little nap, so I thought I would take the moment to tell you how he is doing. He is such a wonderful dog! Obviously, he is very much a puppy and a lot of work, but we were prepared for that!
In the week and a half he has been with us he has learned come, sit, down, drop it, leave it and is getting there on out and off. He is a very smart boy! It is clear that we will have to make extra effort to keep his busy brain from being bored, but that's ok!
He is also quite the snuggler, as you noticed early. He loves his belly rubs, snuggles and naps on laps when he is sleepy. We are thrilled to have him as our new family member!
Attached are a few pics. Hope you all are doing well with all your other little pups!
Kristine & Ross