Ranger's First Days

These are snippets from a few of Ranger's first day with his family. We are thrilled to see his happy face at home. When I post an update on ourFacebook page it is followed by more updates from other parents. This is a great feeling to know they all love to share their puppy progress with other parents.

Penny & Joel,

Ranger is doing great here!  Can you believe he has not yet pottied in the house??? He actually GOES TO THE DOOR when he has to go out!  This started the morning after we got him here. He goes right down the stairs and walks right into the grass.  He potties within 10 seconds every time! When he's ready to come in (he's always so hot!) he walks right back up the stairs and SCRATCHES on the back door!  When I tell him "let's go outside", he starts going to the door.  We are absolutely amazed. 

He loves to play and he loves to explore.  He tries to climb everything! We are all very good spotters. I call him Ranger Danger. 😁

He has done so well with his crate, too.  Only one night he yelled for awhile but he has gotten the hang of it!  Last night he only went out once!  

I mentioned Ranger is always hot.  He finds where the air comes out and lays right under it.  He also needs a fan on him in his crate because otherwise he pants in there! Lol!  We say he's hot because he has the fur of a Polar Bear!  He also drinks a lot of water! 

He is such a precious gift.  Thank you so much for all you did for him. We will continue to follow all your posts and look forward to Moon & Mossy's litters!

Take care,