Mossy Puppies Turn 1 Year Old

Mossy and Robin's 2015 puppies turned 1 year old this week. We were flooded with photos and updates from parents all week. Enjoy these beauties pictured below celebrating this milestone. The message from Miss Bella aka Sloane's family was the first we had received for a while and we were stunned by how much she favors her Momma Mossy:

Penny and Joel,


I thought I would give you an update on Bella (formerly Sloane), since she turned one years old last weekend.  I have attached a recent photo.  Bella is such a sweet and happy dog.  Friends and family often remark on her calm temperament around all people.  She will lounge all day or blaze a trail in our local state parks with equal passion.  We have been asked by several people including our Vets office, where we got such a beautiful well mannered dog.  Bella quickly mastered the sit, shake, and lay down commands among others.  She quickly learned potty training and rings a bell when it is time to go outside.  She quickly graduated from crate training and has had the run of the house for several months now with no problems.  Bella and our two cats (Buc and Bronco) have also learned to happily coexist in the house.  

We were so fortunate that we found your website, and we were able to bring Bella into our lives.  Thank you for breeding and raising a great dog that has become such an important part of our family.

Sincerely, Stacey and Darcie