Slate aka George

This handsome silver boy is a Pidge and Robin puppy now 6 months old. We are fortunate to get frequent updates from his parents. They say he is a very gentle soul. Recently, they brought a new kitten into the family and as you can see below Slate now has a new best friend.

This kind a true friendship takes more than a gentle nature. Slate's parents take their role as puppy parents to heart. They have built a bond with him that takes consistency, time and discipline. We applaud their commitment to their fur kids to make a home that is full of unconditional love.

The latest update from Slate's family celebrates his graduation from puppy/beginner class. Bravo!! His parents sent this message along with his picture:

"Look how cute he is!! We love his looks and so does EVERYONE else. He's famoous at all the places we go. He's such a good boy. We joke and call him a LabriCAT...because he is such a lover and always wants to sit ON my lap."

These are heartwarming stories to read. We appreciate all our puppy parents do to make the lives of CaveInn puppies all they can be!