Mossy's Nino Update

Once again a heartwarming update from puppy parents. We never get tired of hearing from our parents near and far no matter how much time passes. Love seeing our puppies thrive!

Hi Penny and Joel,

I had a little extra time this morning so I thought I would send you a little update on Nino.

A couple weeks ago Kelsey and I were talking about how house training was going so well and he wasn't having any accidents but he wasn't letting us know when he needed to go outside. We talked about training options on how we were going to teach him how to communicate that too us. A couple hours after our discussion he wandered to the door and waited there for us to take him outside. And he has been going to the door ever since. It amazes us how smart he is. He catches on to everything so quick and seems to remember everything.

He has now started hiding bones around the house. We will think a bone we gave him is gone and it will show back up a couple days or a week later. He is growing like crazy overnight and was 21 lbs at his last vet visit for some shots.

He loves going on his nightly walks. On our walks he loves to smell everything, be very observant, and makes sure to walk through any puddle of water he can find.

Everyone comments on how handsome of a puppy is he. We couldn't agree more. He is so sweet to anyone that approaches him to give him some attention and he loves it.

We can't thank you both enough for everything you did. Not just breeding amazing puppies but what you do even after they are born before they go to their forever home.



The more we see our charcoal puppies grow, the more we love the color. I've often said that we are color blind as we truly love all colors of purebred Labradors, but the charcoal is so very unique each time we get an update.

The photo on the right looks like it could be a painting....hmmm not a bad idea!