Mossy's Boji aka Sam

So great to hear from new parents and know our puppies are settling in so nicely! Thank you Kayla!


Hi Joel & Penny!

We just wanted to tell you guys how happy we are with choosing Cave Inn as our breeder! The entire experience with you guys from filling out the puppy reservation form, to keeping us updated on social media and finally, picking up Boji was nothing short of perfect. Zach and I talk about all the time how you can totally tell our dog came from a quality place. Before I got a puppy people warned me "you won't sleep for weeks" "having a lab puppy was worse than any of my kids when they were babies" "labs are extremely hyperactive until about age 4 then they calm down"...but Boji has proved everyone wrong. He has the best temperament, follows commands, can walk on a leash, is fully potty trained and crate trained and is only 10 weeks! We could go on and on forever about how perfect we think he is but I'll just stop there ;) Again, we just wanted to thank you for such an awesome experience and such an awesome lab. 

Ps- we have already been talking about purchasing another lab from you guys!