Carrot Treats for Stella

When I read this update from Nic & Abby I had to go back and check Stella's birth date because I couldn't believe this Pidge and Myles baby girl will be 2 this August! I was very interested in what they are giving her for treats - carrots! I think this is a great idea and plan to visit with Dr. Keller this week about adding the fresh treat for our Labs.

A side note regarding food and allergies:  not all foods are right for all dogs. We choose Life's Abundance to give our Labs and puppies the best possible fresh ingredients and nutrition. There are many good foods and we realize not all dogs are good with one food.

 Hi Penny,

I have been meaning to send you an update on Stella (which is long overdue) but I finally remembered today. I have included some pictures of her for you.

Abby and I love Stella, we could not be any happier. She is a funny dog, I can tell you that – but we love her quirky personality. She loves being around other dogs and goes to a doggy day camp twice a week. She also spends a lot of time with my parents lab Maggie. We got her an antler chew this winter than she never puts down. 

We did figure out last fall that Stella seems to have some kind of food allergy. We changed her over to limited ingredient/grain free salmon & potato dog food. Since then, all of her skin problems and ear infections have gone away and her coat is beautiful…she seems a lot happier as well. As you will see in one of the pictures included, the vet recommended we give her carrots as treats due to her allergy – she goes crazy every time she hears that bag open now. 

As I said, we couldn’t be any happier with Stella, she is awesome. We have talked a little bit recently about possibly adding another dog to the family, we aren’t ready just yet but we will definitely come to you when we are. Thanks Penny!

-Nic & Abby