Merry Christmas from Junebug

This was a special greeting from a Pidge puppy. June was the only silver female in the litter and also was the largest. When we talk about our extended fur family, we truly mean they are extended family. To hear from our parents at this busy time of year is such a blessing. All we ever hope for!

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Hi Penny and Joel!

We wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and tell you  June is doing great!  She is a very happy dog.  She spends many of her days running and playing with her friends outside at Doggie Daycare.  They tell us she is the most friendly, well behaved dog and is often their chosen "training" dog for new pups that are just learning to socialize.

She still loves chasing bugs and stealing slippers.  June has also developed a funny quirk that we have never really figured out.....she always, always walks backwards into the bedroom.  We attached the video and some other Christmas pictures for you.  

Thanks for giving us such a wonderful family member, she's just the best.

Kallie and Andy