Payton aka Maple

Every time puppies go home we find ourselves thinking about the parents and puppies very much. The first few weeks with a new puppy is a challenge. It is heartwarming to receive messages like the onw from Dylan below. Dylan is a first time puppy parent and is up for the challenge and ready to take on each day with his little girl. Thank you Dylan for you words!

Penny and Joel,

I want to thank you guys both so much. Being my first puppy I had a lot of unknowns going into the process and even though I did a lot of reading and research nothing compared to all the help you guys provided. Most important, I couldn't have asked or expected a better home for Payton to be raised in during the first couple weeks. It was clear to me, and very early on, that you guys were doing this for the right reasons and you thoroughly care about the dogs, you're not just breeding to breed. I just thought you should know that, I tried to give you a great review on Facebook but I didn't see where I could do that. I do want you to know you definitely have my recommendation and I have already had a few people ask about Payton and her whereabouts and I have sent them your information! Thanks again!