Truman Update

Truman is a Pidge x Myles puppy that has a very defining look. The way his fur formed almost a colic up his nose was so cool. We received an update from his family this week and look at how he has grown! He still has avery distinct and handsome look about him.

I thought I'd send you an update on Truman at 5 months of age.  He is doing great.  He's so easy to work with... it's amazing.
He's been fishing and sleeps in the boat.  He learned every command so easily (Sit, stay, down, come, fetch, heal).  He's gone to softball and soccer with the kids and is so good.  He lets everyone pet him, even little kids with no issues.  He has never been afraid of noises.  We've done gun training and he doesn't mind at all.  When retrieving in the water, he holds it until we ask him to drop.  He never drops it to shake getting out of the water.   He is super soft mouthed too.
At the kids events, we've been asked (jokingly) if we drug him, since he's so calm and behaved.
From what we saw when we picked him up, he is a perfect mix of mom and dad.
Hope all is well.  I love seeing the pics on Facebook of the new puppies.  Too cute. 
Scott, Barb, Julia and Matt