I am Kimber!

Some weeks the more we post updates from our parents the more updates we receive! We love that our parents continue to connect with us and share their family with us and our followers. Kimber is almost 9 months old and favors her mom Pidge tremendously. Kimber has a beautiful Weimaraner big sister named Charlee that has been trying to teach her the way of the world. Here is the update from Kimber's parents:

Hi Penny,

I wanted to send you a few pics of Kimber.  She still is a very independent,  strong willed dog (which we love).  She doesnt look like she has grown (height wise) since she was 4-5 months old, so we call her our little mini.  When you look at her face, she has an old set of eyes and when you mix that with her spunk....you cant help but laugh!!

She still loves to chase Charlee around outside, even though she cant catch her.  Kimber has learned to gauge Charlee movements and attack her when she comes back around.  Since we moved, Kimber is all about her tummy being rubbed!  She still doesnt like to be man handled but she loves to lay on the Ottoman and get her tummy rubbed.

Again we cant thank you enough for her, as she was the perfect addition to our family!!!  Hope all is well