Ike's Busy Winter

Ike is one of Rayne x Myles 2012 litter. He was with us when Moon and Mossy first arrived. It was particularly sad to see him fly home...but what a wonderful adventure life is for Ike and his family. Here's an update with some great photos. Thank you Dave!


Penny:  Hope you're doing well!!!

We are so happy to have Ike as a member of our family.  He has been busy the past couple ofmonths.  Christmas was a fantastic time,with lots of new people to meet and many new toys and treats to enjoy. 

Snow was also very new. Kind of scary at first, but then LOT’s of fun.

Ike is very social, and we take him with us wherever we go.  He really likes to go to the gym with me and interact with all of my friends.  My son, Gus, also enjoys introducing Ike to his friends from school.

We had a short respite from the winter weather recently, and had the opportunity to try swimming for the first time.  No coaxing was needed - he didn’t hesitate at all; and just ran right in.  Of course,chasing the nearby geese was also fun…

Ike is growing like a weed, and is now almost 60lbs.  He’s getting really big.

I need to buy stock in the company that sells antlers.  They are, by far, his favorite treat and pastime.  He just loves them.

We enjoy reading about the escapades of his littermates.  So much fun.