Stella aka Mandy (Pidge's puppies)

Hi Penny,

Abby and I wanted to give you an update on Stella.  It has been almost 2 weeks since we picked her up (but seems like longer).  She is doing great!  She is a very sweet puppy, but she does have an attitude when she wants to.  She is already house trained and using bells on the door to go out as she needs, and she has learned to “sit”…we are continuing to work with her on additional commands, but she is picking things up very quickly.  She is also very curious when we are outside and when she comes across new things or places in our house.

We haven’t weighed her since her initial vet visit a few days after we picked her up, but she appears to be growing pretty quickly…everyone comments on the size of her paws.  She has been eating very well and loves the Life’s Abundance food and training treats. 


Her “adult” coat is starting to come in mainly along her back.  Her eyes have started to change color and are now more of a silver or steel color…we are not sure if they will stay that color but she is very beautiful!  We are so happy to have her…you guys did a great job!  I have attached a few pictures as well.  We will continue to send updates as she grows up.

Be well,

Nic, Abby and Stella