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Planning for our future puppies takes much calculation and a little help from Mother Nature. Ordinarily, we breed our females once a year. Depending on how long there is between heat cycles they can sometimes have a litter in early Winter and late Fall. Our Labs are examined each year by our vet, Dr Keller, to keep them in top condition and healthy at all times. 

We believe in fully vaccinating our Labs with Distemper, Rabies, Lyme, Lepto and Boretella annually. Our Labs are also on Sentinel Heartworm and flea and tick prevention all year round.

Our puppies are also examined by Dr Keller twice before they are ready to travel to their permanent homes. It is an important part of our breeding program to have a great partnership with Compassion Care Veterinary Clinic.

Upcoming Planned Breeding        

billi x cave         Arrived           april 21, 2017

Pidge x gunther       May 7,2017       

Moon x Cave       May 4, 2017               (all white/yellow)

Mossy x Cave       May 22, 2017

Tula x Gunther       June 26 2017